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Gwen Frey is an animator, previously with Irrational, and currently with the Molasses Flood.

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The Flame in the Flood - Gwen Frey

Apr 19, 201788 minutes

Gwen Frey, animator for The Molases Flood, sits down to talk about their latest game, The Flame in the Flood - or at least we assumed she was sitting. It was a long conversation so we hope she sat down.

Gwen recalls her work and experiences she had on The Flame in the Flood and BioShock Infiinite. She speaks favorably of Chuck Ragan and the unique nature of his musical contribution into the end experience of The Flame in the Flood.

You can catch her on Twitter @DireGoldFish, where you can also find @MolassesFlood. Gwen also has an awesome podcast called The Dialouge Box.

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