A Dark Room - Switch Shenanigans with Amir Rajan

Nov 12, 201976 minutes

Amir speaks with Jonathan and Nick about A Dark Room on the Nintendo Switch, the saga of the secret programmability within, and whether Nintendo can take a joke. This is part 2 of our Amir Rajan double-feature.

Platformer Short: Indivisible

Nov 5, 201914 minutes

Nier Automata with Amir Rajan

Oct 29, 201947 minutes

part 1 of 2

Streets of Rogue

Oct 15, 201954 minutes

the Joy of Crafting in FF14

Oct 8, 201927 minutes

Domenico from Unworthy Life

Oct 1, 201970 minutes

true Promethian spark from an Indie developer

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