DOCTOR GAINES - Writing, filmmaking, and faith

Oct 26, 201667 minutes

Famed author, podcaster, and filmmaker Doctor Gaines sits down with the Literate Gamer crew to talk about his latest novel, The Shot, his upcoming film project Cordial Kill, and has a frank discussion about religion and faith.

XCOM - With Michael G. Munz

Oct 19, 201672 minutes

Literate Gamer discusses the XCOM franchise with the author Michael G. Munz. They cover the history of XCOM and evaluate the different components that make a good tactical strategy game. Covers all of the original XCOM games, XCCOM Enemy Unknown, XCOM...

Les Allen - The History of D&D Video Games

Oct 12, 201658 minutes

Les Allen joins the Literate Gamer for an overview of the history of video game adaptations of Dungeons and Dragons. From the Gold box games to Neverwinter Nights and beyond, they explore one of the most adapted gaming franchises in history. Other...

Blade Ballet - Emma Larkins

Oct 5, 201660 minutes

JM Guillen - Cooperative Narrative

Sep 28, 201656 minutes

Famed author and super-villain JM Guillen joins the Literate Gamer hosts Nick and Jonathan to discuss the joys and challenges of developing stories cooperatively, storytelling, and growing up with D&D and role playing games.


Sep 21, 201650 minutes

Jonathan and Nick discuss Destiny.


Sep 14, 201631 minutes

Jonathan and Nick discuss the movies "Suckerpunch" and "The Fountain", what they mean, and their similarities and differences.

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